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The traditional ceramics of La Rambla (Cordoba) reachs the whole world
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Ceramica Rambleña: traditional pottery made in La Rambla


Cerámica Rambleña is a project that aims to give value to the work of our potters and craftsmen, and explores new ways of promotion and commercialization to take the pottery of La Rambla to all around the world.

We work with the most remarkable artists in town and, along with them, we have selected the best of their work to elaborate a catalog for each one of them.

All the products that you will find in Cerámica Rambleña are artisanal, handmade and, therefore, unique. Pieces of art in themselves.

The clay is worked and shaped in the traditional way and we do not store large quantities of products in stock. Therefore, the only thing we can not guarantee is delivery speed.

“Anything worthwhile takes time and effort.”.


“Perhaps there is no picture more beautiful than that of a pair of hands modeling the mud, maybe just the image of a hand that is bearing on the whiteness of a paper the world’s speech” José Saramago

Writer, Nobel Prize of Literature, and Potter of Honor of La Rambla.


Our history

La Rambla’s name has always been linked to artisanal customs, crafts and jobs. Traditionally, craftsmanship with clay has been representative of this region, giving birth to arts such as pottery and ceramic.

Our history


Evolution of our art

Evidence has been found of pre-historical pieces of pottery in the area of La Rambla. It is a millenary art, endemic to this area and has continuously been developing and perfecting its materials, techniques and designs.

Evolution of our art


Our artisans

In an industrialized world driven by mass production, the figure of the craftsman claims the position it deserves. Their hands model clay and create art out of nothing. They are the real stars of La Rambla.

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Ceramica Rambleña is a movement for the defense and promotion of the ceramics of La Rambla, which includes pottery or ceramics from the most prestigious artisans in town.

Ceramica Rambleña is born with the idea of guaranteeing the quality of ceramic products, offering items that are totally handmade, personalized and locally manufactured.

Cerámica Rambleña = craftsmanship + quality + social compromise

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